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Indian Street Food Mumbai, Part 3

Indian Road Food – Street Food India 2015 – Indian Street Food Mumbai (Part 3).  

Chinese Street Food Adventures Bee Mochi

モチ 麻糬 máshu Not exactly sure why the were throughout here however it created rather the program. You can see a couple of getting rolled right into the mashu but none were in the end product. I picked the one with one of the most bees on it. Lots of sugar, some black sesame, a Read more…

Indian Street Food Scene Your Daily Nightmare

Welcome to the craziest globe of food.This is India, India herself a world of it unique Road Food and various other Authentic Dishes.Indian Food is an extremely broad term and also includes the regional cuisines like South Indian Cuisine, Gujarati Cuisine, Rajasthani Food, Maharashtrian Cuiusine, Panjabi Cuisine, Goan Food, Hyederabadi Cuisine and so on . Read more…