Taiwan Street Food – RAINBOW LOBSTER Cooked Two Ways 龙虾 / ロブスター / 랍스터

The Rainbow Lobster (Panulirus ornatus) is a huge edible spiny lobster (without claws) and also is also known by other names like: Ornate Rock Lobster, Tropical rock lobster, Ornate rock lobster, Ornate Spiny Lobster, as well as Ornate Tropical Rock Lobster. The slipper lobster is its closest loved one (see here for sandal lobster ready sashimi design: ).

Fish and shellfish is a major staple of Taiwanese night markets. Here, a very fresh rainbow lobster is prepared two methods. The lobster head as well as shell were made use of to earn a savory soup and the meaty lobster tail was seasoned and baked to excellence.

Ẩm thực Đài Loan – Tôm hùm nướng mỡ hành, súp tôm hùm